Wanna get your kids to brush their teeth more?

Do you have an epic battle with your child to brush their teeth like I do? Well here is an innovative way to try and make toothbrushing a smoother experience for both of you. When we got the new BEAM Brush delivered, we were so excited! Well, I’ll be honest, it was ME who WAS EXCITED because I thought maybe now my son Fynn would find some way to make brushing less of a chore and more of a GAME. We succeeded. Well, sort of.

Here’s the break down, we got one brush in the mail (battery included yay!), the App is simple to find in the App Store, and is free (also a yay!). It was a little tricky to download but once I did it, pairing to the brush was simple and you got points just for setting up the account (triple yay!)

As you can see from the pictures Fynn was excited at first with brushing…but then waiting for the full 2 minute timer seemed like an eternity to him…even with the rewards given by the App..

SOOOOooo we are back to the battleground…but the good thing about the App for ME is that I now know wether he has really brushed or not and for how long…a little big brotherish of me..but thats a lot cheaper than the dental bills later! (THANK YOU BEAM APP!)

And speaking of Dental Bills…Beam offers a special discount using their STAR card, you can literally “brush” your way to discounts at the dentists office by being accruing stars when you brush your teeth using the App! You need to apply for the card, and not all dentists are participating BUT I think it is a great idea to help make brushing and seeing a dentist less painful to the wallet!! There is a list of participating dentists on the beam website…

All in all, we love the brush so Thank you BEAM for taking toothbrushing into the 21st century!