Some Vision Correction Exercises

Vision Correction Surgery is a very controversial method of treatment, as much as some medical practitioners insist that eye exercises may help improve one’s eye sight and hence stop use of glasses or contacts there has been no scientific proof showing that this really works. These practitioners claim that these programs can reduce common eye defects such as long sightedness, short sightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia.

For these exercises to improve ones sight it means that they have to alter with the general eye structure and muscles. Most eye defects are caused by the size of one’s eyeball which in turn affects the refraction positions of light that can be either beyond the beyond or before the retina, causing either long or short sightedness. It can also be due to an irregular shaped cornea which causes multiple eye refraction points which leads to stigmatization. Also as one ages the eye muscles become weak and can no longer accommodate the focus of rays causing blurred vision and is referred to as presbyopia. And this is not really possible.

These exercises may help people to maintain good eye sight or improve their eye muscle strength and not really correct defects. Here are some of the exercises that help;

Massaging the eyes; first seat down, close your eyes, put a clean piece of cloth over your eyes using the fingers carefully massage the eyes in slow back and forth motions. This causes the eye muscles to relax and also to gain more elasticity.

Palming; this simply taking a break from work for few minutes and closing your eyes with your elbow on a flat place and palms holding your head. This greatly improves the eyes focus and generally helps soothe the mind.

Blinking; as simple as this seems it helps so much to improve the ability to focus more. Do this after a period of time may be 4-5 times a day seat back and blink severally with a break period of 3-4 seconds.

Focusing; this is really simple take time to focus on a far object for about 2 minutes, slowly shift your sight to something closer to you. Do this about 4 times. This really helps improve the muscles flexibility and strength over time.

Zooming; this can easily be done, put your figure some distance before the eye, slowly bring the figure closer to the eye till it becomes blurred. This greatly helps improve the focus and flexibility of the muscles.

Continuous movements; while sited or comfortably standing move the eyeball from side to side with a rhythmic circular motion; do this continuously for like 1 minute. This really helps in improving the eye muscle flexibility and elasticity.

Tightening the muscles; every now and then close your eyes really tight for some few minutes. This really helps get good focus and avoids blurred vision.

Sunning; this is where with your eyes closed look at a bright light and move the head slowly in circular motion. This comes in handy to improve the pupil dilation.

Tracking; this is simply focusing on a straight edge or object and then following the edge with your eyes. This really improves focus.