Shop_Brush_Hero-1282e9d706Do you have an epic battle with your child to brush their teeth like I do? Well here is an innovative way to try and make toothbrushing a smoother experience for both of you. When we got the new BEAM Brush delivered, we were so excited! Well, I’ll be honest, it was ME who WAS EXCITED because I thought maybe now my son Fynn would find some way to make brushing less of a chore and more of a GAME. We succeeded. Well, sort of..

Here’s the break down, we got one brush in the mail (battery included yay!), the App is simple to find in the App Store, and is free (also a yay!).  It was a little tricky to download but once I did it, pairing to the brush was simple and you got points just for setting up the account (triple yay!)
As you can see from the pictures Fynn was excited at first with brushing…but then waiting for the full 2 minute timer seemed like an eternity to him…even with the rewards given by the App..
IMG_7546 IMG_7545
SOOOOooo we are back to the battleground…but the good thing about the App for ME is that I now know wether he has really brushed or not and for how long…a little big brotherish of me..but thats a lot cheaper than the dental bills later! (THANK YOU BEAM APP!)
And speaking of Dental Bills…Beam offers a special discount using their STAR card, you can literally “brush” your way to discounts at the dentists office by being accruing stars when you brush your teeth using the App! You need to apply for the card, and not all dentists are participating BUT I think it is a great idea to help make brushing and seeing a dentist less painful to the wallet!! There is a list of participating dentists on the beam website…
All in all, we love the brush so Thank you BEAM for taking toothbrushing into the 21st century!
What techniques do YOU use when it comes to giving your kids healthy toothbrushing habits? Be sure to let me know in the comments below.
– Brook
MLT Ambassador


FullSizeRender Brook & I recently went to a super fun event put on by Club MomMe at the Culver Hotel. Brook & I love high tea, so what could be better than spending an afternoon with girlfriends? How about spending an afternoon drinking tea and talking tech with your girlfriends?!!! Yay! It was my kind of event! Plus there was complimentary onsite babysitting from Urbansitters so Brook was able to take advantage of a little “Me Time during Tea Time” while her 2 little ones were playing next door.

First,  we checked out the Snuza Baby Monitor. Now, where was this when I had my baby!?!?! Yes, I was one of those moms who was constantly checking on baby to make sure he was breathing. I’ve seen too many stories on the news about SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and so naturally I was paranoid, particularly the first couple of months. New moms or soon to be parents, you might want to check this out. It might help you have the peace of mind to get a better night’s sleep.

go! Snuza Monitor

You can attach it to your baby’s diaper and if it doesn’t detect movement in as little as 15 seconds an alarm will sound on your monitor. You can pick up a new Snuza at your favorite baby store or log on to Amazon.com where it’s running about $100.




After catching up on our latest acquired wearables, Brook & I worked on more tea and scones. (Hers is green & mine is white lol) We also got caught up on a little history of the Culver Hotel and the fact that the whole cast of The Wizard of Oz & Gone With The Wind stayed there throughout filming. So cool! We loved the decor too & the quaint rooms. You must check it out if you’re ever in Culver City.


Next thing to check out was the SleepBelt Skin to Skin Infant Support System.   I needed this at the hospital when my baby was born! That initial skin to skin contact with baby is so important especially with Daddy. This wrap ensures your baby stays cuddled on your chest in the same position they would be with you holding them.

Both the SleepBelt and Snuza Baby Monitor would make wonderful baby shower gifts.  And you know what would make an awesome shower gift? A family photo session. The really pretty pictures posted here is courtesy of Katee Grace Photography.  We love her style! Be sure to check out her website for info on how to get some wonderful baby and family pictures!

By the way, it was great to meet so many moms & bloggers! We even got some sleep training advice from Nanny911’s Stella Reid! She gave me a copy of her book about Hollywood Nannies. OMG, the stories—  so fascinating & so eye opening!!! I love it!!! LOL!!!



Dont know if you noticed but computers now come in all shapes and sizes. With new materials, ever-shrinking components and powerful Intel chips, manufacturers are really pushing the notion of what a typical PC looks like.

Lenovo Horizon 2s

This 20″ tabletop computer doubles as a big tablet that you can lay flat and play games.  Its amazingly thin and light, at just 0.6″ thick and 5.5lbs i and has a built in battery so you can take it anywhere.









Acer Revo One

This stylish little computer packs a full-size computer in a sleek box the size of a small bookshelf speaker. With built in apps, the Revo can stream most media from all the popular services, so it will feel right at home setting next to your home theater components.44133E79-F32E-4B9C-8388-CCFE835D23B4









Intel NUC Mini PC

B4CBCAFE-E222-4797-B55C-E273EFDDB7C0Smaller still is the Intel NUC Mini PC.  Intel sells these as barebones systems which means you have to provide your own RAM and storage and operating system but if you have the know how, you can put together a Core I7 powerhouse that can take on pretty much take on any task. And it can fit in the palm of your hand.





Intel Compute Stick


If you need to go smaller still, check out Intel’s Compute Stick. This is a truly amazing device that points toward where PC’s are headed. These are about the size of a streaming device like the Amazon Fire Stick or about the size of a pack of gum but this is a full blown windows computer complete with bluetooth, wifi and two USB ports. Its meant to turn any HDMI screen into a computer. While this may not be the most powerful computers (at last right now) this would be perfect for travel where space can be at a premium.








#spon: I am in a partnership with Intel. Through this partnership I gain access to content, product, or other forms of value. #intelAIO

Intel All-in-Ones



IMG_0622.JPG  The old days have having a big box CPU and monitor sitting on your desk at home are long past – in its place are thin laptops or sleek all-in-ones. In fact, while cruising the aisles of CES2105 this year we couldn’t find any major manufacturer that produces them. (well of course, not counting those high-end, purpose built gaming rigs) With each new iteration of faster, powerful chips, these all-in-ones are becoming truly capable, power houses that can easily handle most work, general computing and gaming tasks.

Dell has stepped up its AIO game with their flagship XPS line. Lets take a look at the XPS 27 All-in-one.


Our review unit sports a quad-core Intel Core i5 processor; 8GB of DDR3/1600 memory; a discrete video card (Nvidia’s GeForce GT 750M); and a roomy 2TB, 7200 rpm hard drive and a gorgeous 27″ touch screen.

Design & Features

IMG_0625.JPGWhile maybe not as sleek or stylish as an iMac, the XPS 27 is a still great looking sitting on a desk. Its a hefty, solid piece of glass that exudes quality. You can adjust the height of the PC for a comfortable fit from almost every angle. We really like the articulating arm. This offers height adjustment and also tilts way back and since the screen is touch enabled,  that allows for comfortable fingertip operation.

The PC comes equipped with four USB 3.0 ports and two USB 2.0 ports, and a Thunderbolt connection, which allows for connecting external drives, such as an extrMRDellXPSOne27a hard drive, to the PC. It also includes a DVD drive that burns and reads CDs, so you won’t have to keep all your music and movies on the cloud if you don’t want to. We really like that it comes with HDMI input  and output. So you could use the screen as a portable monitor for a DVD player or a primary or second monitor for a laptop.


The XPS pretty much handled any task we threw at it with no problems. The Nvidia graphics card handled processor intensive tasks we do, like editing photos in photoshop and editing video, with aplomb.

But proIMG_0624.JPGbably the XPS’ best feature is its screen. The gorgeous, glossy, 27-inch display features a resolution of 2650 x 1440. The screen is big and bright and can be seen clearly at almost any angle. The screen features the Adobe RGB color spec which enables a wider gamut of colors and color accuracy.  In fact, outside of the the new iMac 5k its probably the best display we’ve seen on a AIO to date.

The Dell XPS 27 is pretty pricey, currently topping out around $2300 but  it delivers incredible performance, excellent features and offers a truly awesome 27in touchscreen display.

So if you want a Windows all-in-one computer that performs as well as it looks, the Dell XPS 27  is an easy recommendation.




#spon: I am in a partnership with Intel. Through this partnership I gain access to content, product, or other forms of value. #intelAIO

Intel All-in-Ones

We check out a mil-spec external HD for ADATA. The HD-710A is a rugged shock, dust and waterproof external that even stood up to the ultimate baby test!


The specs:

  • Military-Grade Waterproof and Shockproof Construction
  • Passed the stringent IEC 529 IPX7 test – Passed the stringent Military MIL-STD-810G 516.5 drop test.
  • Blue LED Indicator Light
  • Wrap-around USB Cable
  • USB 3.0 Technology
  • 1 or 2 TB capacities


*This is a sponsored video and although we have received compensation, this video represents our true feelings about this product.

You know which special day is coming soon, right? Yep, it’s Mother’s Day! If you’re looking for something a little more original than flowers or gift cards to give to the special ladies in your life, then we are here to help with a few suggestions that will be sure to put a smile on their faces. Techie or not, all moms are sure to love the gifts below. We know we would! 😉

Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker

Im sure you’ve heard of the Crock-Pot. Well, check out “Crock-Pot 2.0”  

618iOtU4vqL._SL1000_Just like the traditional Crock-Pot, you can load it up with all the yummy ingredients for an entire dinner and let it simmer for hours while you’re at work or running errands. However, if plans change and you need dinner ready a little earlier or later, you can adjust cooking time by using the WeMo app on a smartphone. You can switch the slow cooker on, increase or decrease cooking time, switch to keep-warm mode or turn it off completely. The app works on Android and Apple devices.



Amazon Fire Stick TV

6167-OL+M+L._SL1000_Streaming devices have been around for a while now and as with most tech devices they get smaller, more powerful and cheaper each year. The Fire Stick from Amazon is a great little device that can stream most online content by plugging it into the HDMI port of any TV monitor. And being about the size of a lipstick tube it’s truly portable entertainment. It’s so easy! Just plug it in and pair with your smartphone or tablet to stream tv shows/movies or play games.


Nixplay Edge 8-Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame

nixplayNixplay Edge’s Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame is a great-looking and easy-to-use gadget. You can just email photos DIRECTLY to the photo frame, or even better, access all your photos on Facebook or Instagram and upload them to the Nixplay online cloud storage. You can even create playlists and add captions to the photos. It’s an easy way to enjoy and share your photos.




TrackR Monitoring System3bc-ad63adaf6973f8f028492c27f723104e

We all can be a little forgetful sometimes… (ok, more than sometimes…) but these little coin sized devices can be a life saver. The TrackR lets you know where valuables are at all times. They easily attach to valuable items.  Use the TrackR app to locate any lost or misplaced item in seconds by ringing things like missing keys by using TrackR’s Distance Indicator or via Crowd GPS. Genius!


Apple WApple Watchatch

Pasted Graphic Of course the hottest new Apple gadget had to make the list. The new Apple Watch is in our opinion the best of the smartwatches out there. And we think moms will love not having to reach in their purse to look at a text or initiate a phone call. At a base price of $350 to upwards of $17000, it’s not cheap. But doesn’t your mom deserve the best?! Of course, if you’re reading this now… it’s probably too late to get before Mother’s Day… Slacker! You can take a picture of it though and put it in a box next to an Apple gift card!  She’ll love it. Especially if she’s a daily watch wearer like I am!

Tory Burch for FitBit Fret Pendant Necklace

ITory Burch Tory Burch Fitbit Flex Fret Pendant Necklace _ Sports & Fitness _ Women_s Travel Chic | Tory Burchf your mom is into fitness then she probably has some sort of fitness tracker on her arm. While these trackers look OK in workout clothes, they may not be stylish in work or dress attire. Style house, Tory Birch has come up with a great solution for the FitBit. Instead of having to wear a band around the wrist, the Fret Pendant turns the device into a beautiful necklace that can be worn all day or when you want to step out in the town. For the more fashionable mom, this is perfect!

Let us know if you have a favorite that’s not on our list. I’d love to share with everyone else!

There’s a brewing controversy over a new Barbie doll. Mattel unveiled Hello Barbie in February this year at the New York Toy Fair. What’s new and different about this iteration on Mattel’s iconic toy is that its actually interactive and can even hold a real conversation when you ask questions. How? According to it’s creators, it uses a technology similar to Apple’s SIRI.

hello-barbieBut according to Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, the doll also uses an embedded microphone to record children’s voices—and other nearby conversations—before transmitting them over the Internet to cloud servers. (ok thats kinda creepy). And in fact, they are demanding Mattel to halt marketing and production of the doll.

Check out the video above of the new Barbie in action and let me know what you think – Great fun for the kids or a little on the creepy side.


Well, the dust has finally settled on yet another mind-numbing blur, that is CES. Overall, with few exceptions, we can’t say that we were wowed by any new tech or innovative gadgets this year. It seems that the big tech companies have been busy refining their existing product lines but that being said, we did find some notable exceptions we wanted to highlight.

If you want to know what’s happening with the future of tech then you first have to look at Intel. Intel (Disclosure that they sponsored our coverage this year) creates a lot of the technology powering our devices today and we got a look at some pretty cool stuff that will be the building blocks of some very innovative products soon. For example, Intel’s RealSense 3D camera tech has really matured and has started showing up in all kinds of products from tablets like the Dell Venue 8 7000  to self-guiding drones and robots  to our favorite desktop computer, HP’s Sprout AIO



And as usual,pacifi-overview to find the most innovative tech you have to leave the huge mega booths of the main halls and travel to Eureka Park. Its the temporary home of the small startups that really take risks to bring niche products to market. Case in point, Pacif-i the Smart Pacifier by Blue Maestro, is billed as the world’s first bluetooth enabled pacifier which can send data right to your smart phone. It’s supposed to measure your child’s temperature, record when medication was administered, set-up alerts/reminders and share that data with childcare and medical professionals. There’s a low energy smart chip inside (lasts a year) that can tell you where the paci is at if it gets lost….not to mention alert you if your kid wanders off.  This will definitely need a more hands on review when it goes into full distribution.  We’re anxious to put this through the test! See if it passes the baby “like factor” and more importantly the safety aspects of having this kind of technology so closely tied with the family. A more in-depth review will be coming soon.


3D printing continues to develop as well and it’s even moving into the kitchen. 3D Systems was showing two models, the ChefJet  and CocoJet which can print sweet delights on demand.



In wearables we liked the LG SportWatch and the nifty little Nixie. The Nixie is just a prototype right now but is a great example of how the notion of wearable tech is headed. It’s wild!



So all in all we would say this was a transitional year for tech at CES. We are now firmly planted in the post PC era. In fact, as far as we could tell, desktop PC’s were virtually non-existent. it was all about mobile – laptops, tablets, phones and of course wearables.

These are just a few of some of the cool tech we saw. Be sure to check out our live booth tours and videos on our YouTube Channel. And then leave us some comments below. Which ones caught your eye? Love hearing from you!



*Our coverage of CES2015 is sponsored by Intel

#spon: We are in a partnership with Intel. Through this partnership we gain access to content, product, or other forms of value.


CESinfographic_Final5.8Its a new year and of course that means lots of new gadgets to explore and MLT embarks on our annual trek to Las Vegas baby! Our good friends at Intel are sponsoring our coverage at this year’s iteration of the Consumer Electronics Show so expect to see lots of updates coming your way.

For the uninitiated, CES is one of the largest electronic conventions in the world. It features more than 3,500 exhibitors and is expected to attract more than 160,000 industry professionals, manufacturers, bloggers, press, buyers and everyone in between from all around the globe.

So what are we looking forward to seeing? Well, amongst the ubiquitous sea of large screen TVs, tablets, headphones and bluetooth everything… there are some definite categories we will be looking for breakthrough products in.

Now that Apple h4905524904765 as thrown down the gauntlet with their Apple Watch, it wimgresill be interesting to see other companies’ vision of watches and wearable devices.

All-in-one Computers
Along with tablets, all-in-one computers continue to be a hot trend. The separate CPU tower is becoming an endangered species. The trend is toward more sleek, sexy and thin but large monitors that will fit in great with any home or office decor.

Smart Home
Our homes will just keep getting smarter. In the past we’ve seen smart fridges, ovens, washer and dryers and pretty much every appliance and gadget in the home. However we have yet to see a simple way to connect all these together in a simple easy way.  Perhaps Apple’s HomeKit will help unify everyone into a standard or will it be android or something else? We’ll be watching…

Connected Cars
Now this is the one area that we thought would be more advanced by now.  Auto manufactures are just now opening up to the idea of allowing third party gadget gurus like Apple and Google to help wiGoogle Conferenceth the UI design of their infotainment systems. We are looking forward to see exciting applications of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.  Really-  all I’d like to see is quality sound, decent and reliable bluetooth connectivity and internet app streaming all wrapped up in an easy to use non-distraction interface. Is that too much to  ask?!

OMG, if we hadn’t seen enough of these for the holidays, expect to see a steady swarm flying around Las Vegas shooting video of everything. Better be careful, its getting tougher to keep things that happen in Vegas… in Vegas!


*Our coverage of CES2015 is sponsored by Intel

#spon: We are in a partnership with Intel. Through this partnership we gain access to content, product, or other forms of value.

It’s Fall, it’s Fall, it’s Fall! Can you tell what my favorite season is? Cozy sweaters, changing colors, and that back to school excitement that makes this time of year full of energy for new and exciting projects.

My schedule, both at home and with work, starts picking up during this time of year as well, so finding ways to relax is key. It makes me a better mom, better wife, friend, person, when I make time for small delights. Enter two great apps that are helping me do just that


14EB2058-0866-4FBA-9380-4C360F455412-1I’m a wine drinker. And a beer drinker and a cocktail when the mood suits me. But wine is my staple, for a fancy night out or a casual dinner at home with my husband. The problem is, I tend to forget the bottles I like. Delectable allows me to keep track of what I’m drinking, make notes of what I liked, all the while giving me access to what others are enjoying in order to broaden my drinking list.

All I do is take a picture, make any notes I would like and then upload the picture. My favorite feature is that Delectable matches the picture with the name of the bottle, saving you the trouble from having to type it or guess how to properly name it. This app is a great way to keep track of what you’re enjoying (or not) while on the go.


860F5CCC-6341-4909-AD04-9E13596B2E30Who doesn’t love a massage? But by the time you factor in finding a babysitter, driving to the spa and back, battling traffic and parking, you’ve spent half your day and undone all the benefits of getting the massage in the first place. With Soothe, all that goes away except for a blissful one-hour massage. You schedule the day and time, a professional shows up at your home with their own table and lotions and when the hour is up, they’re out of your house in no time. Payment is made easily through the app, and gratuity is included in the price ($99/60 min, $139/90 min, $169/120 min).

Both these apps are free so enjoy!

Joanna Hyatt


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xbox one

Can you believe this? I just learned that a few savvy shoppers are already getting their holiday shopping started! Are you one of those early, non-procrastinator types? Can’t say that I’ve ever started quite this early, but for those that do, now is the time to buy that Xbox One.

For people with an Xbox One on their holiday gift list or those that haven’t yet made the jump to the new generation of gaming, now is the time to buy an Xbox One. For one week only (Sept. 7-13), when you buy an Xbox One from participating retailers in the U.S., you’ll get a free Xbox One game of your choice. The deal includes all of the current console options, including the Xbox One Madden 15 Bundle or Forza Motorsport 5 Bundle. And the sky’s the limit for the choice of games: whether you want to lock-and-load with friends in Destiny or Titanfall, hack the planet in Watch Dogs, or hit the sports arena of your choice in Madden NFL 15 or NHL 15.

For more details on this promotion, please visit Xbox Wire and see where you can get a head start on crossing off those items on your holiday list.

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 1.11.53 PM

Are you an early shopper or a procrastinator? Let me know in the comments below. I want to know if there are others like me! :)


Learn a Language on the Go This Summer

Living in Los Angeles, my daughter hears half a dozen different languages when we go to the grocery store. Having grown up in another country myself, I know first hand that speaking another language allows you to understand other cultures and relate to people in a much more personal way.mommylovestech - duolingo app

With that in mind, we have chosen to teach our daughter Spanish, primarily because it’s the one language one of us (me) speaks fairly well. But even with all those years in high school and college studying grammar and memorizing vocabulary, I’m still pretty rusty.

That’s where Duolingo comes in. Available for iPhones or Androids, this app is designed to help you learn (or improve) on a lanmommylovestech - duolingo appguage, Duolingo  urrently offers five languages, with another seven on the way. You can test out of levels or start with the very basics. It’s tailored to fit wherever you’re at in your language learning, giving you practice in writing, speaking and listening. It’s a great way to make the most of those minutes you spend waiting in the doctor’s office or unwind at the end of the day while still learning. For an over-achiever like myself, it rewards you for how well you complete a level and gives you opportunities to battle other people who are learning your same language.

If you’re traveling this summer or just want to brush up on a new language, check out Duolingo  It’s free, it’s fun, and it’s shown to actually improve your language skills. What more could you ask for in an app?



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OK has this ever happened to you… you go to the fridge and someone (insert name of kid , roommate, husband, whomever) has drank the last bit of milk and put the empty carton back. So annoying, right?!

Well with same-day services like Amazon Fresh and apps from major grocery chains like the Von’s Delivery App
Its just like having your own personal assistant who you can order to run out and fill your grocery list.

Have you guys used any of these same day delivery services? Let me know in the comments

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Meet #TheNew Keepsake. A love so strong it’s in 3D.
This is how you how you can save that precious drawing your daughter or son just drew for you. Instead of pinning it to a board where it can fall and slip under a table, why not “Print” it and put it where it belongs, right on your desk.

How have you seen life change over the years for your family when it comes to how it’s been impacted by technology we have today? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below. Who knows…we might take up the challenge and shoot a video of it in your honor!

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I can’t believe how time flies! Yes, it’s time to make sure you (if you haven’t already) get the dad in your life a cool father’s day gift. Here’s my suggestions.

First up, the Zepp Golf:


No matter if you’re a beginner or a semi- pro, this little sensor is sure to improve his golf game. This tiny square, which fits easily and perfectly by the way on any glove, measures and analyzes each swing. And it’s precise! measuring about 3 dimensions at about a thousand points per second.
Here’s how it works..pretty simple really.

zepp2This square attaches to your glove, you connect it via blue tooth to your mobile device…and then… watch as it analyzes your swing. Dad will *instantly see his swing from every angle and get actionable feedback instantly. It will replay your swing, tell you how to improve it, it shows you your history and compare two swings. It keeps track of your stats…and it does so much more. And of course, it has a share function so you can email, tweet, facebook and brag away your improving stats.

The Zepp Golf isn’t bad price wise…you can get one for about 149 dollars. http://www.zepp.com/buy/

jumpakOK, Forget the swiss army knife, make sure your dad is always “charged up” with the Cobra JumPack.  This charger is so cool, I want one for myself! This is a handheld rechargeable jump starter. Yes, this little thing can jump your dead car battery and lots more. In fact it can jump several cars after just one charge. It hooks up via USB so you can also charge your smartphone or laptop on the go. Not to mention light your way because this also has a built in LED light.

Pick one up from their website for about $129.95 https://www.cobra.com/products/portable-power/cobra-jumpack™  or at Amazon if you’re a prime member for a little less  http://www.amazon.com/Electronics-CPP-7500-JumPack-Portable/dp/B00IZGWL1W

Next: How about The Reversible Tie from Ties.com.

TieThis is such a fabulous idea. You know, most Dads need all the help they can get when it comes to fashion.  And if they do a lot of traveling…this is perfect! 2 in one! One side is a very classic stripe and the other a pattern. My suggestion is get the pink or purple. It’s really chic. And of course, blue, black and red are classics so any one of these will be great. And at $22 bucks per silk tie, heck get him one of each!  http://www.ties.com/search?idfa=12Q2&srq=reversible

And lastly-  for a unique and very personalized gift. How about a Personalized Phone or Tablet Case? You can order online through CVS or walgreens .com. They vary in cost from about 25 – 60 bucks.

CVSIt’s simple to do. Start by choosing a device model, upload your pics… then plot them on the canvas style of your choice. The Order should be finished in about 5 days. If time is too tight….try same-day posters and canvas pictures. I like these a lot because, we take about a hundred photos every day, and they all live in our smart phones. You end up forgetting about them and no one ever sees them..so this is a great way to showcase and remember your special memories without having to open up a photo app!

So there’s just a few of my gift ideas for dad. What are YOU getting dad? Let me know! I’d love to share your unique ideas with everyone else. If you haven’t already–  please subscribe to our Newsletter as well as to our YouTubeChannel.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Father’s Day!

And p.s. no- I am not getting paid to suggest the gift ideas above :)

Don’t let distance make a birthday any less happy. Check out the #TheNew Surprise Party.  #ad

This is how technology and video calls are letting families can celebrate birthdays and special milestones together even though they’re miles apart.

How has yours and your family’s lives changed over the years when it comes to how it’s impacted by awesome technology we have today? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below. Who knows…we might take up the challenge and shoot a video of it in your honor!

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Actors: Joanna Hyatt, Christianna Hyatt, Andrew Hyatt, John Seckel, Edna Seckel
Director/Producer: Dennis Lovelace, Maria Quiban
Audio: Randy Underwood
Production Asst: Tyree Vance

Music: GoMusic / Audiojungle.net
“Music in this video is used under license from the rights holder”

The above is a “QooL Media Studios” Production.

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#TheNew Maid of Honor – always by your side, no matter how far away. #Sponsored:

Coming up in the next few posts, we highlight what we think is “#TheNew” here @MommyLovesTech.
We’re participating with Chevrolet this month to showcase different ways we do things today compared to perhaps how our parents did things back in their day.

We’re following the theme of “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes MommyLovesTech with a Baby Carriage!” lol! Certainly not necessarily the only way to start a family today (nor in that order), as you know….but this new #Chevrolet campaign challenge is fun in that it got us thinking about how many ways our family activities have evolved over the years with the help of technology.

Starting with our first video, “#TheNew Maid of Honor – Always By Your Side, No Matter How Far Away”.  We love how technology and video calls are letting best friends prepare for an upcoming wedding together even though they’re miles apart.

How have you seen life change over the years for your family when it comes to how it’s been impacted by the awesome technology we have today? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below. Who knows…we might take up the challenge and shoot a video of it in your honor!

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Actors: Saki Miata, Anne Selby, Alfalfa Lennon
Producer: Dennis Lovelace, Maria Quiban
Audio: Randy Underwood
Production Asst: Miguel Salazar

Music: “Feels like a Wedding Day” by Pink Zebra
“Music in this video is used under license from the rights holder”

Special Thanks to “Alfalfa Jones Dress Design Studio” at The Reef in Los Angeles.

The above is a “QooL Media Studios” Production.

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Sponsored by Cartonomy:

Do you do all the shopping for your household? Or your office? Then you know how much of a pain that can be. Today we’re checking out a new app that’s going to make that chore a lot easier and even a bit more fun!

Screen Shot 2014-05-10 at 1.24.48 PM

This is Cartonomy.com  It’s a new shopping website that will help you organize and buy everything you need,  quicker — for the different people in your house or office. Never share logins, passwords or accounts again.  Cartonomy helps groups of people like families, roommates, church organizations, or school groups shop together. So Instead of leaving you a ton of voicemail or email requests for stuff, your peeps can just logon and put items right into a cart.

Here is how it works.
Just logon to Cartonomy.com. Its free and fast to sign up. Then create a group and begin adding  friends, family &coworkers. You can also search for their name if they have already registered, or if they haven’t,  simply send them an email invite.

Groups are made up of two types of members: Admins and regular members. Admins have access to all items in the cart and can make the final purchase while regular members can only add things as requests to the cart, which the Admin can remove if they find them irrelevant or excessive.

When adding things to the cart, you have the choice to use the “+1 for me” or “+1 to share” feature. This feature allows shoppers to either privately select items that are only visible to them and the Admins, or to put items in the cart for everyone to see.

 A good tip to remember is to set an expiration date so the rest of your crew don’t forget when they have to get their orders in. yeah….This is a little bit like Amazon but not quite as overwhelming. There’s a list of all your favorite retailers in one place. You can pick just one if you prefer to get one delivery from one store or you can let Cartonomy choose the least expensive item out of all the stores around, saving you money.  Cartonomy has a long list of familiar and reliable retailers and are always adding new ones to make sure you get the best deals. It compares prices from across the web and gets you the best deal – every time.

(Parents, this way of shopping can make for less awkward moments when certain requests are too embarrassing to say out loud) And when certain requests are not quite necessities, you can easily take them out of the cart.

Screen Shot 2014-05-10 at 1.25.13 PM

When you’re done, just click purchase and voila, everyone gets the things they need without wasting any precious time. What I like about cartonomy, is it’s a great way to make sure there’s no miscommunication or doubling up on purchases.

So check it out. Why not, it’s free! An app is soon to come, but in the meantime you can always access Cartonomy’s website from any web enabled browser. From your desktop to your smartphone.  This will make shopping for your office or your family a breeze.

Let me know what you think about it and leave me some comments below. I’d like to know how you streamline shop for your home or office.

For more information:  Log on to Cartonomy.com
Twitter:  @Cartonomy
Google+:  +Cartonomy
Facebook: @Cartonomy


photo 1Hello and Happy Mother’s Day 2014! It has been a wonderful morning. Woke up late and to a sweet “Happy mother’s day mommieeeee….” shriek from my 3 year old, followed by a quick call from my 27 year old.  Hubby brought my cup of tea and bouquet of colorful flowers by the side of the bed… added with mucho kisses and the TV remote control, made for a very relaxing morning for moi. PLUS, topped off with a veggie bacon and egg breakfast, my morning was complete!

Moms, if you have to work today (I’ve worked many many mother’s days in the past so I know how you feel), I’m sending you all my love and mommy power to get through it!! And if you don’t come home to the kind of relaxing day you imagined (I’ve had many of those too!) don’t despair. Know that you can ‘re-schedule’ your own mother’s day! Plan ahead and schedule your Mother’s Day on your next day off. Schedule a day at the nail salon or day spa. In L.A. there are many Korean day spas that offer 1/2-day bliss for $100 or less! A scrub and body wash, massage and steam sauna just to name a few available at all hours of the day to fit your busy schedule . If that’s out of your budget, then consider a massage school for a relaxing hour as prices are even more affordable there.  Whichever you choose, whether it’s to just get some much needed extra sleep, just remember to take some time to indulge in YOURSELF! :)

photo 2

If we didn’t have awesome moms, I swear this world would fall apart. My mom was always there for my brother & I, making us yummy meals and taking care of the house AFTER a full day’s work at her job! It amazes me how she made it all work. So if you’re a super hero mom, I salute you!

Now, I’ve got to get back to the books I’ve set out to read today! I’m daydreaming while watching HGTV. :)photo 3 Thanks for stopping by to read my blog today. #MothersDayBliss !!




The App Chick is on it this year with more than just apps. She’s got gadgets too that may just be perfect for the mom in your life!


Check out:
The Samsung Gear Fit. It’s never been easier to stay in touch with your health goals and look great doing it. It’s more than a fitness band… the Samsung GearTM Fit is your perfect workout partner. With this device you can track your steps and monitor your heart rate. You can even check your email and texts. $199

btbtlp_icons_266Scosche boomBOTTLE. Rugged, Weatherproof, Wireless, and Portable Speaker that fits rightinside your bicycle water bottle cage. boomBOTTLE has been designed to bring entertainment to the outdoors. This wireless bluetooth media speaker is weather-proof and durable, allowing you to take your music vi
simple.b-dis-png.h47e3210a910010717f0d5ec74009f261.packrtually anywhere. $139

Fitbit One Black Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker. FitbitOne tracks your calories burned, steps taken, distance walked, and stairs climbed. It monitors your sleep cycle to help you learn how to sleep better, and at the end of the night it vibrates to gently wake you. Plus it looks cool on your wrist! $99

How are you planning for the Mom in your life? Send us your suggestions so we can share some new ideas with everyone else! Thanks!